Production and Distribution of Bamboo skewers, Wooden skewers, Popsicle sticks, Wooden spoons, Wooden spatula, Wooden tongue depressor.

 Campany name  Hirose Products Co., Ltd.
 Address  356-3 Shimoyamasa, Hirose-cho, Yasugi-shi, Shimane, Japan 6920412
 TEL  +81-854-32-2648
 Establishment  September, 1999
 Capital  15 million JPY
 President  Manabu Tetsumoto
 Annual sales  1.3 billion JPY
 Employees  12
 Joint company  Anshan Hongyuan Wood Co.,Ltd. (China)
 Sale destination  Industry of ham and sausage, frozen dessert, medical equipment, etc.

 Sep, 1999  Hirose Products Co., Ltd. was established with 7,000,000 JPY in capital.
 Jan, 2000  Anshan Hongyuan Wood Co., Ltd. was established as a joint company of Hirose's in China.
 Oct, 2003  Anshan Hongyuan Wood Co., Ltd. constructed new factory in Haicheng, Liaoning.
 Sep, 2004  Capital stock 15 million JPY.
 Dec, 2009  Obtained manufacturing and distribution license of class Ⅲ medical-equipment.
 Dec, 2014  Renewed license of class I medical-equipment.
 Jul, 2018  Constructed the second plant.
 Nov, 2018  Established a local corporation "Hirose Products (Thailand) Co., Ltd." in Thailand.
 Up to the present.